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Decisions for the Long Haul

At Enterprise Mobility, we see sustainability as an opportunity for innovation and value creation.

As a multi-generational family-owned business, Enterprise Mobility strives to operate with future generations in mind. Our forward-looking approach of managing for the long term guides the way we grow our business, support our people, cultivate partnerships and give back to the communities in which we live and work.

As we continue to expand and diversify our offerings to deliver a range of mobility solutions to our customers, we are also striving to reduce our environmental impact, invest in local communities, empower our team members and find new ways to integrate sustainable practices across our global operations.

We know a strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework supports a sustainable future, and we work collaboratively to address important ESG topics throughout our organization. We’ve also aligned our sustainability efforts with five of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) where we believe our business operations have the potential to drive significant progress and impact for global communities.

Committed to Making an Impact

How exactly are we making a positive and sustainable impact across our operations? Here are some examples:

Domino’s partnered with Enterprise Fleet Management in FY23 to launch custom-branded EVs at select Domino’s stores and franchises in the U.S., creating the largest electric pizza delivery fleet in the country with 1,100 vehicles.

Commute with Enterprise reduced more than 405,000+ metric tons of CO2e and removed over 49,000 vehicles from the road in FY23.

In FY23, the Enterprise CarShare and Enterprise Car Club business lines experienced a 15% surge in corporate membership growth globally, helping reduce the use of private vehicles for business travel.

In FY23, we completed three modular builds in the United Kingdom as part of an effort to standardize new development with buildings that support high-efficiency ratings and improved energy performance.

We reduced 500+ metric tons of CO2e in Germany in 2022 by powering approximately 88% of the country’s neighborhood locations with wind and solar energy.

In Spain, we utilized 100% renewable energy to power more than 50% of locations from green energy sources such as hydropower, wind, solar and geothermal heat in FY23.

We reduced energy use by 5% across nearly 50 Southwest Ontario, Canada branches in FY23 after LED lighting upgrades.

In FY23, individual branches in Germany were saving 250,000 liters (estimated) of per year after installing innovative closed-loop water recycling systems.

In France, 36 locations installed mobile wash bays in FY23 designed to reduce up to 85% of water used during car washing.

100% of chemical bottles used in Toronto, Canada wash bay facilities were recycled in FY23 after introducing a zero-waste system.

In FY23, we worked with partners to recycle an estimated 1,526 tons of auto glass from over 74,000 windshields in the U.S. and 5,467 tons of material from spent tires in North America.

Through our work with Safety-Kleen® and PetroChoice®, we have a closed loop process on oil usage across our fleet and have continuously recycled the equivalent of 13 million gallons of engine oil since 2009.

Since 2007, Enterprise Mobility customers have been offered the opportunity to participate in a program that helps offset carbon dioxide generated from renting cars. In FY23, 29,818 metric tons of CO2e have were offset through our partnership with Terrapass®.

We partner with Climate Impact Partners in the U.K. to invest in renewable energy projects to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build sustainable infrastructure.

As a member of the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Alliance in Europe, we are part of a global coalition working to integrate various transportation options into a single mobility service.

As a strategic partner of the National League of Cities, we helped launch the Equitable Electric Mobility Playbook — a resource for policymakers and their stakeholders to recognize how an inequitable landscape can impact historically marginalized communities and explore ways to accelerate electric mobility adoption within these communities.

We are supporting sustainable tourism in the travel industry by partnering with the nonprofit organization Green & Human in FY23.

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Doing the Right Thing

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